Musikindustrin, 2007

3 januari 2007

Lefsetz Letter har tittat djupt i kaffesumpen och har listat 31 förutsägelser om musikindustrin under 2007. Ett urval:

1. CD sales will continue to tank

3. Snocap/MySpace
Irrelevant. Most people don’t want to pay for this crap, and those that do don’t want to pay this MUCH!

4. EMI
Heading for disaster. Either this fiscal year, or next, the financials are going to tank, and then so will the stock.

7. Bono
Will continue to wear those phony sunglasses and try to save the world, sliding into irrelevance all the while.

16. YouTube
What Napster was, before you had a high speed connection and knew the JOYS of excavating rare tracks by your favorite bands.

Lefsetz Letter:  2007 predictions



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